Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Spring!

The flowers are blooming and the weather is great! There is nothing like spring...especially with kids. All three have loved the outdoors the last few weeks. We have had alot of fun stuff going on here....Easter activities at our church, Hubfest (a local fair in Hattiesburg), Jilly's birthday party (tomorrow) and so much more.
All three of the kids are keeping me (Jess) busy. Jillian is about to wrap up 1st grade! It is so hard to believe. They have 6 weeks left and then SUMMER! I am so proud of her right now. She is involved with Awanas in our church and there is nothing better than "eavesdropping" to hear your child memorizing bible verses. She keeps telling me if they are "in her head" then she'll always have the right answers. So smart....if only I could abide by that all the time.  (-:
Madie is.....well Madie is Madie. Her latest escapade involved her driving off in her Power Wheels Jeep. She was supposed to be in the backyard with Jillian......Jillian came running inside as I was laying Luke down for a nap to inform me Madie "took off." Sure enough Madie rammed the gate out of our backyard open and headed on. When I finally caught up with her two streets over and asked her where she was going she said....."Sonic for a slushie." Oh child.....(-:
Luke is my boyfriend. I never thought I would say that I have two men in my life.....but I do. Luke is my little man. I just love him to bits.  He is crawling all over and is so happy. You can't help but smile when he looks at you......his dimples make you melt. I know....enough is enough, but I could go on forever about him. (-:
Josh and I are doing well. Just chugging along.  Both staying busy with the "everyday." So thankful for life right now. It is so easy to forget that life itself is a gift. We have three beautiful gifts that keep us reminded of that everyday.....even when they are driving off for a "slushie."
Love to all.
 Easter 2013
 A future musician with his Piano and "funky" hat
 Jillian upside down on one of the rides at Hubfest this past weekend!
 Madie trying it out too....
 Craft time this afternoon is the drive way....something to do. (-:
A sweet moment they are sharing would never know they were wrestling 5 minutes earlier.....literally wrestling.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

There is a season for everything...'tis the season of chaos in our lives.

The title of this post is also the reason there hasn't been a blog post in almost two months! Chaos! Oraganized chaos, but chaos none the less. It has been a busy January and February for all of us. As a family we put our house back on the market mid January.  We have had tons of "showings" and are just waiting for that right person.  That in itself has kept us busy.....keeping the house clean, getting out at the last minute so people can look, etc.
In addition Jillian has been doing Upward Cheer at our church.....they were short on coaches this season.  Guess who got the pleasure of coaching??? That would be Mama Moore. It has been interesting to say the least.  We cheer at our last basketball game this Saturday...thank goodness the basketball season is only 8 weeks...I am not sure I could handle much more. (-:
Madie is still doing good.....Growing like crazy! She is growing into a little girl so fast. She has been very stubborn about potty training but in the last few days something has clicked! I don't want to speak too soon but I think I can finally say I only have one in diapers!! Yeah!
Luke, ahh Luke. My little boyfriend is still as cute as ever. Not alot to report.  He is really starting to army crawl. He surely is the sweetest little baby EVER....I dare you to challenge this, ha.
As for Josh and I we are realizing that this is the season of chaos in our lives. We are running to and fro, but there are these quick glimpses of peace every now and again.  Whether it is all of us snuggling on the couch and Madie whispers she loves us or watching Jillian hold Luke and snuggle him so sweetly.....we know we are blessed. (-:
We hope you can see the blessings in your life too. Sometimes God sends or shows them in the oddest places and at the strangest times, but they are there...He is faithful. Thanks goodness for that....
Love to All,
 Luke with his Valentine's card from Papa Tom.
 Madie and her friend Caroline. They had a great playdate yesterday.
 The girls would not smile for a pic today! This was funny though!
  Sporting a new short hair cut. Cute as a button!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Where to start...?? December has flown by in a flash!  It seems like we got back from Thanksgiving travels and haven't sat down yet. (-: Despite the craziness we have done alot of fun stuff the past few weeks.
 Santa Claus visited the local Krispy Kreme donuts a few weeks back and we got to visit with him while enjoying some "Hot and Ready" donuts. (See pics below) The Southern Miss Golden Eagle was also there and the girls enjoyed getting pics with him.
Our church always has lots of great stuff around the holiday season and we have enjoyed everything from an all Church Christmas Party/giant potluck to Sunday morning worship with lots of carols!  My favorite is coming up Christmas Eve....the candlelight service. We had a candlelight service growing up and it is probably my favorite tradition. I am so happy to be able to pass that on my kids. Nothing resonates the holiday spirit for me more than singing "Silent Night" by candle light. (-:
Both the girls' schools had Christmas parties today. Jillian's class had a Christmas musical titled "Christmas on the Isle." It was this morning and was adorable. She had a small speaking part.  She did great considering (if you haven't already heard) she broke a bone in her ankle last night and is on crutches. )-: I could tell she was a little tired, but she did great none the less.  We are very lucky to have Mrs. Craft as our teacher. She is the only teacher at OGP who puts on an individual program.  And it is great because all the kids really get to participate.
Madie's preschool class had a PJ party/book exchange this morning. We had a great time having "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake and giving and getting a new book from classmates. Once again I can't say enough great things about Temple's preschool. So thankful to have a place for her to learn and grow at such a young age. Sometimes it seems silly to send her there when my "job" is to be a stay a home Mom, but I have learned it truly takes a village and I am so happy to have all the sweet ladies at Temple's preschool as part of my village.    
As for Luke he lives on my hip or in my arms. He is spoiled....what can I say. He has such a personality and is really starting to move.....from scooting on his belly to rolling over....he will be fully mobile in no time. (-:
Josh and I are SOO EXCITED for Christmas this year because both our families are coming to us!  We will have his parents for a few days and then my parents, brothers and grandparents for a few days too. It is great to not have to travel. We are so glad they decided to fly south this Christmas. (-:

Hope you enjoyed the update and I hope you all have a great Christmas.

 We love Krispy Kreme!
 I love doughnuts! And I look pretty cute eating them too!
 Caught this pic after church on Sunday. Thought it was too cute!
 Jillian before her performance this morning. She had to sit because of her ankle. )-: She was pitifully cute. Ha.
 Madie at her Christmas party this morning. (-: Love the headband!
 My new tree for my (and Josh's, ha) room.  I put family photos all over it. Turned out so cute! Have added more pics since this too.....just love it!
 He needs no introduction......CUTEST BABY EVER, ha.
Hattiesburg Christmas tree lighting!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tis the Season!!

Oh my goodness. I can't believe it has been 3 months since my last post.  It feels like life is flying by! I can't  believe the holidays are already here! We had a great Thanksgiving in Tulsa with Mary, Bob and all the extended family. The weekend before we had the pleasure of being a part of Josh's Dad's wedding to his sweet new wife Lainey. It was in Branson, MO. So the Moore's have been on the move the last few weeks. We are glad to say we are staying put for Chrismtas. Everyone is coming to us...a nice change.
I am happy to say everyone in the Moore family is doing well. Luke is almost 6 months old and is starting to roll over! So sweet. He is coming into his own....he has such a sweet little personality and has the best little baby laugh ever! Madie is doing just as well.  She is still in preschool and loving her teacher and class. She is busy needless to say. Wearing Josh and I out to the max, but I wouldn't have her any other way.....(-: Jilly is continuing to have a good year. She has gotten involved with Awanas at our church and I am so proud of her memorizing her bible verses. She has also discovered that math is her "talent." She likes math and is doing well with it in school and has informed me she is going to be a math teacher since that is her said "talent." She is something. (-:
Josh and I just redid our kitchen and love it!! We knocked out the wall between the living room and kitchen.....redid the cabinents and countertops and topped it off with the burnt orange paint on the walls. I love it because it created a breakfast bar the kids can now sit and eat at.....(-:
I hope all is well with you and thanks for taking the time check in on us. I promise next update won't take three months. (-:

 Madie's class...she is shouting turkey! (She is on the bottom right).
 My two gals snuggling in bed!
 Our family and Papa Rob right before his wedding.
 Jillian and Madie making bean burritos at MiMa's house.
 Sassafrass Jillian!
Luke stealing Mama's glasses!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Madie's first day of preschool

Well, today's blog is mostly about Madie.  (Although there is a pic of Luke and Jilly at the bottom too.) It was her first day of preschool!  She was up at the crack of dawn as usual. I usually wake up Jillian around 6:20 to get ready for school and Madie is always biting at the bit to get in there and wake her up too. (-:

I had been explaining to Madie that today was her first day of preschool. She kept insisting she needed to go to "Jilly's school." I am in a carpool with another Mom for Jilly.... so when Ms. Apryle came to get pick up Jillian, Madie was very distraught that she did not get to go with Jilly. The next two hours may have been the longest hours of my life and we watched the clock click down until 9 am when preschool starts. Madie was bouncing off the walls ready to go. She just did not understand why Jillian got to go to school but she was still at home with me and Luke. (-:

Finally around 8:45 we loaded up and headed up to "school." The preschool is at our church so she is already familiar with the building and was excited when we pulled into the parking lot. The preschool encouraged the kids to bring a stuffed animal because they were going to have a picnic with all the stuffed animals at the start of the day.  When Madie walked in and saw the picnic tables with snacks and all the big stuffed animals on the floor she was geared up! She ate a quick snack and snuggled with some of the giant stuffed animal the preschool has and then we got to walk to her class. Mrs. Traci her teacher welcomed Madie and that was it.....she was off.  She was ready to play, learn, mainly be a big girl. (-: I am so proud of her. She isn't scared of a thing and I know she will do great this year.

As for other two darlings.....Jilly is still doing great. And Luke is surviving two older sisters. There has been numerous "passie" snatchings by Madie.  Luke has also had to deal with watching the daily fashion shows that the girls put on as well as Jillian's continuous singing concerts in the living room. I'm not sure who is going to appreciate these quiet mornings without the girls more.....Luke or me. (-: 

I hope everyone is having a great week. Love to all.
 Brushing our teeth before the first day!!
 Walking in with our favorite stuffed animal.
 Here we go! Already a step ahead of me, can't wait to get in there!
 All the snacks were so enticing!
 Taking in the new classroom. Looking for her name around the ABC circle.
 The wheels are already turning.....not sure if that is good or bad for her teacher. Ha.
 Girls Day at the nail salon. Thanks to Lainey for a fun girls time out.
 Jillian getting her nails and toes painted. (-:
 The girls sporting their wild headbands from Grandma Moore. Jilly loves wearing that giant flower. Ha.
The cutest little man I know. (-:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hello Weekend!
Ahhh, it's the weekend and this one has started out quite nice if I say so myself.  Josh and I got a babysitter this morning so we could go for a bike ride on a nearby bike trail and then for a nice breakfast.  It is great to get out early in the is just too hot the rest of the day.  After returning home we got Jillian and Luke ready (Madie is in Oklahoma visiting Mima and Papa Bob for a few days) to head to church for Jillian's soccer assesment.  She is going to play Upward Soccer this fall. It is just 8 weeks (8 games and 8 practices).  A good step into the sports world. I had asked her about it a while ago and she said she would play on one condition......if Josh would coach. (-: He coached Upward Football and Basketball last year for older kids and the girls and I went to alot of the games to cheer on him and his team.  Jilly said she thought he looked like a good coach so she would play if he was her coach.  Needless to say she got her way. (-:
After her quick assesment we headed to lunch and now are all home relaxing. Much needed after a busy week!  School started back this week. Jillian is in first grade this year.  They loop at her school so she has the same teacher as last year...which is great....we love Mrs. Craft. She is wonderful. (-: Madie headed to Oklahoma on Thursday. Mima and Papa Bob surprised Josh and I and said they could come pick her up Thursday and stay for a week. We welcomed the surprise, with the new baby lack of sleep is starting to wear on Josh and less two year old for a few days is a nice break. We love Madie to pieces but man she is a little pistol.  It is still up for debate where that wild side comes from.....ofcourse Josh and I both point fingers at one another. Ha.
Luke is still doing great and is growing like a weed. He had his 8 week checkup yesterday and was already 13lbs. He was 7lbs. 14 oz. when he was born, he has already gained 5 lbs. As our pediatrician says....he obviously has no problems eating. (-:  Jillian is such a great help with him. She loves laying on his play mat with him and singing him songs. He has really started smiling and she seems to be the person who can make him smile the most.  She is very proud to share that fact with everyone. Madie ofcourse loves him too and spends most days trying to figure out how to "hold" him.  For now she is settling for laying by him or holding his feet while I am holding him.  She wants to be a little Mama.
Well, I guess that is about all for now. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


 Ava (a good friend of Jilly's) and Jillian playing after school yesterday
 Luke and Madie in the play mat.  Gotta love Madie's smile. (-:
 Luke at his doctor's appt yesterday. Such a cutie.
Our attempt at a family photo when we were in KC for my cousin's wedding. (-:

Friday, July 27, 2012

Well, what can I say??? I finally have a second to catch up on the blog and all I can think to say is...AHHH! Things are crazy with three kiddos that is for sure...crazy, but fun. Luke is a doll and the girls are super sweet with him. Jillian raves about his chubby cheeks and Madie can't stop calling him "sweet baby Luke." As for Josh and I....I don't think there is any questions about our feelings.  We love him to pieces.  

This summer has flown by. It seems like we have all been going, going, going. Jillian spent half the summer at her Dad's so it really feels like she hasn't been home at all.  She is our seasoned traveler as I like to say. (-:  When she was home Luke had just been born so those few weeks flew and these last few weeks we have all been traveling as a family to visit our families.....Tour de Baby 2012 as I like to call it. First stop was Tulsa, then KC for a family wedding and then onto Fulton for a few days. We just got back this week.  Jillian stayed in Fulton for a few extra days. She has been begging me for some alone time with Nanny and Papa-she had never gotten to spend a few nights with them by herself so this was her chance.  Hard to believe she is getting to spend time with them like I did when I was little. I feel so blessed my kids are getting to experience their great grandparents as well as their grandparents. (-:   

Tonight Luke is sitting here next to me and I was able to catch a couple of quick shots of him. Thought I would share. I also shared a funny one of Jilly and one of Madie and Luke from earlier in the week. Hope you enjoy.

I will make every effort to post more pics of everyone soon. Love to all.


 Little Luke taking a nap tonight while Mommy and Daddy watch the Olympic opening ceremony. He is so cute when he sleeps....looks just like his Dad with that one arm behind his head.
 Deep in thought, ha. Love the finger on his cheek....he looks like he is going to wake and share something very profound.
 I'm awake....! Why is that camera in my face??? Gotta love that cleft in his chin...Josh's mini-me for sure.
 Just chillin' in my seat. Not sure what to think of Mom snapping pictures. (-:
 Where's Waldo....better yet, Where's Jilly? She decided she wanted to forgo sleeping in a bed and make a pallet on the gameroom floor while we were in Tulsa.  She set up all of Mima's stuffed animals all around her. It took her forever to tuck them all into place, but it made for a good night sleep as you can see...she is still snoozing late into the morning. (-:

Madie and Luke on the airplane back to Mississippi. It was Luke's first airplane ride! All of my kids have had the pleasure of taking their first airplane rides with Mima and Papa Bob.